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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Broadcast Myself


Streaming on an Android phone with Broadcast Myself

If you want to realize your own live stream on Voice Republic, you can use our Stream Boxx, your computer, an iPhone with iOS or a mobile phone with Android. With an Android phone,  you have two free options to realize live streams on Voice Republic. You can choose between the Apps Broadcast Myself and Cool Mic.

Download Broadcast Myself

 (Click here) to download Broadcast Myself.

Installing Broadcast Myself

Install Broadcast myself like all other software on your mobile.

Streaming with Broadcast Myself

1. First, you should create an account on Voice Republic and create a talk by hitting “Publish” in your menu bar or on your profile page and then selecting “SCHEDULE LIVE TALK”.

If you have already scheduled a talk, go to the talk page and hit “STREAM NOW”.

2. Now you need to launch your own streaming server. Hit “LAUNCH SERVER”. If you have already connected to a server, you don’t need to do it again and can just go on to select your streaming source.

3. Click “CHANGE STREAMING SOURCE” an then choose “Mobile” and “Broadcast Myself”.

4. A pop-up with the configuration info for the App will appear. Open Broadcast Myself and go to the settings by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner. Now choose “Output Settings”. Fill in the settings the pop-up suggests.

5. When you’re done, use the ‘back’ button twice to go back to the main view. Then hit the big button at the bottom to start streaming. If you entered the settings correctly, Voice Republic will automatically close the popup and connect to your audio stream.

6. The fader on the left controls the volume. By default it is set to zero, so you have to pull it up. Now you are all set to start the broadcast on Voice Republic! Click “START STREAMING” to do so. If you have enabled the sound on your computer, you can hear your own live stream. It always has a little delay.

7. After stopping the live stream on Voice Republic, you will be asked to disconnect your streaming source. Tap the big button at the bottom again to disconnect. This allows Voice Republic to archive your broadcast.


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